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We Make Things Literally.

The RoShamBusiness designs literalizations of things1metaphors, idioms, inside jokes, figures of speech, nebulous concepts, memes which probably shouldn't exist.

A cat, out of the bag.
An egg made out of chickens.
A tree that fell in a forest.

A pair of scissors, made entirely of rock and paper.

Finally, an answer to the eternal question2"Would you rather be rock, paper, or scissors?". Painstakingly crafted out of perfectly equal parts rock, paper, and scissors, RoShamBizzers may help you somehow.

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A sandwich, with everything.

Take two pieces of bread to perfect geographic antipodes3Points on the Earth's surface mathematically opposite one another, put them down on the ground at the same time, and you've got a RoShamBamwich.4That's the DIY method. It's probably easier to buy one from us.

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A tree that fell in a forest.5that nobody heard

"If a tree falls in a forest with nobody there to hear it, did it make a sound?" It's a debate that has transfixed humanity for generations. We'd like to stick a fork in it.

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A grain of salt, to take.

Feeling overly beholden to The Truth? Exaggerate to your heart's content with a pack of RoShamGrain6(ofSalt)! Perfect for politicians, pundits, commenters of YouTube.

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F7"How often does a question need to be asked in order to be considered 'frequently asked'?" could have been our first question listed here. If it had been, the answer would be twice.AQ

You will.
This is 65% serious and 35% ironic.
This is not actually a dumb question. Even though we've all thought it, it's a question that really gets down to the reality/perception crux of a whole lot of interesting things.

Recent experiments have shown that different light wavelengths don't necessarily have predetermined mental perceptions associated with them. Through new techniques in gene therapy, scientists can give previously color-blind primates the ability to see new colors. There is evidence to suggest that their perception of those colors might differ slightly, giving credence to the theory that color is "a private sensation."

Check out this 2009 paper in Nature if you're interested.
Check out our Kickstarter! (If there is a link in that previous sentence, we have started running the Kickstarter. If there is no link, we have not started running our Kickstarter and you can't buy any RoSham-Products yet. Sorry.
Yes, please! Either tweet them at us, or just think about them in the shower. We'll know.
This is probably the best question so far. Our guess is that Mystique has a large degree of control over the density of her transformations. Otherwise, how would she be able to change into shapes of such disparate size? Maybe before she gets rid of a clothing item, she can make sure that only a very tiny portion of her body mass is going with it - like plucking a few hairs.