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A sandwich, with everything.


$551or whatever is expensive to you.

Put whatever you want on a RoShamBamwich. It’s already been inside. When you buy a RoShamBamwich, you’re buying two slices of bread that have been on perfectly opposite (antipodal2 sides of the globe. And we mean perfectly. At a precise moment in time, each slice was placed on the ground - one near Kuaotunu, New Zealand 3(36.72331 S, 175.72601 E) and the other in Rincon de la Victoria, Spain.4(36.72331 N, 4.27399 W)


The pump nozzle has a little hole on the end that sucks in air, with the pump monitoring when that air turns in to liquid.
No, but we plan on making an edible version eventually. Once we get our supply lines really firmly established.
Bask in the glorious realization that two objects which you are holding/staring at have had all of our beautiful planet between them. If that isn't cool to you, we do not recommend this product.
There are a surprisingly small number of choices! Check out the Wikipedia article on Antipodes. There's no options in the continental US or Western Europe except Spain. But we want to make as many types of Bamwich as possible. Next stop - Buenos Aires and Shanghai!