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Take it with a...


$221or whatever is expensive to you.

Take what you’re about to read with a RoShamGrain(ofSalt), but this is the fucking greatest man-made product of all time. Do you disagree? That’s fine - no harm done - as I cleverly prefaced that hard to believe (if also factually correct) statement with a suggestion to use the product itself. Which in turn would implore you to keep an open mind. Because of the salt. Because that's how it works.


You hand it to people so they don’t call you on your bullshit.
We actually don't have an answer to this question. We are just overwhelmed and slightly saddened by the realization that we now live in a world where ads can have plot holes.
Right before you say something kind of hard to believe. But not before you tell a blatant lie. The salt won't protect you from high-grade falsehoods. Just minor sarcasrm/exaggeration.